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      Battling Drought: The Science of Water Management

      The extreme drought in the US Southwest has brought the issues of water use into the media spotlight. The one-two punch of climate change and political turf battles that have plagued the area since the Wild West have upped the ante for rethinking our policies.
      Battling Drought: The Science of Water Management
      May 26, 2016Climate Change

      Africa Faces Hotter Future

      Global warming hits the African continent soonest and hardest
      December 1, 2005Environment

      Protections for the Earth's Climate

      Industry, local governments and academia look for solutions to global warming
      January 1, 1998Environment

      Burying the Problem

      Could pumping carbon dioxide into the ground forestall global warming?
      March 1, 2008Environment

      Climate Change after Bali

      Do the math: affordable new technologies can prevent global warming while fostering growth
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