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      September 4, 2009Mind

      Freeing the Mind to Forget

      Young brains can forget painful memories, but old ones tend not to. An animal study in the journal Science finds that it may be possible to restore the old brain to its younger, more pliable state...
      September 1, 2015The Sciences

      Why Do Cats Love Catnip?

      In many, but not all, cats, the plant trips a brain switch
      March 1, 2012Mind

      Subtle Multisensory Clues Reveal Other People's Emotions

      Good social skills depend on picking up on other people's moods--a feat the brain performs by combining numerous sensory clues
      July 8, 2015Behavior & Society

      How to Identify a Psychopath or Sociopath

      The terms “psychopath” and “sociopath” often get used interchangeably, but they’re not exactly the same. Regardless of semantics, here’s how to spot the heartless, charming evil of a psychopath or sociopath...
      September 29, 2009Mind

      The problem with psychopaths: a fearful face doesn't deter them

      Buon giorno from Florence, where I’m presently under the Tuscan sun—sizzling like bacon, I should add—as a hive of awestruck, pale-legged American tourists wearing Nikes, cargo shorts and Polo shirts descend with digital cameras at the ready on the Renaissance city’s signature Duomo in the Piazza Della Signoria...
      September 1, 2015Neuroscience

      How a New Father's Brain Changes

      Dad’s mental shifts are different from mom’s
      May 1, 2010Tech

      Broken Promises

      Brain scans reveal when a vow will not be honored
      March 1, 2011Mind

      A New Mom's Changing Brain

      Certain areas grow bigger as a mother bonds with her infant
      March 8, 2013Health

      Research on TM and Other Forms of Meditation Stinks

      In response to my last post, which proposed that Transcendental Meditation and other cults might be exploiting the placebo effect, some readers cited studies supposedly showing that TM has therapeutic benefits...
      August 25, 2011

      Case study: why economics and addiction do not mix

      Let me start by saying that I’m admittedly an economics fan. So much so that I nearly threw away my science and writing training and ran off into the sunset for an economics PhD.
      January 1, 2012Mind

      Emotion Selectively Distorts Our Recollections

      Feelings edit and sculpt memories
      January 1, 2004Mind

      Fear Not

      Anxieties can be strongly etched into the brain. But don't worry--researchers may find ways to erase them
      September 12, 2014Symbiartic

      Like Nails on a Chalkboard

      Paintings by some fine artists can be used to thought-provoking effect as illustrations on news or blog posts about scientific advancements.
      November 1, 2015Mind

      With Age Comes Happiness: Here's Why

      New research is unraveling how and why the elderly “choose happiness”
      December 22, 2003Mind

      Unmaking Memories: Interview with James McGaugh

      In the sci-fi thriller Paycheck, an engineer has his memory erased after completing a sensitive job. Scientific spoke with a leading neurobiologist to find out just how close scientists are to controlling recall...
      September 28, 2011Mind

      Goldie Hawn Plunges into Brain Science

      ASPEN. When I arrived at the Aspen Meadows Resort for the Second Annual Aspen Brain Forum last Thursday evening, Goldie Hawn was getting out of a vehicle near the entrance.
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