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      June 1, 1997The Sciences

      Panoramas of the Seafloor

      Modern sonar techniques map the continental margins of the U.S. and reveal the richly varied scenery usually hidden underwater
      January 26, 2011Sustainability

      Climate Benefits of Natural Gas May Be Overstated

      Policymakers and the energy industry have been looking to natural gas in recent years as a more climate friendly fuel with half the greenhouse gas emissions of coal, but EPA research is casting doubt on that plan...
      September 1, 1969The Sciences

      Technology and the Ocean

      The materials, machines and techniques that can be employed in the ocean have advanced greatly during the past decade. Major developments include superships and deep-sea drilling
      March 21, 2016Policy & Ethics

      Does Trump Have an Energy Policy?

      Trump dislikes hair spray regulations and is dismissive of global warming but the rest of his energy policies seem unclear
      February 28, 2011

      Can we get off oil now?

      How many wars, deaths, recessions and environmental disasters will it take before Americans, and their Congress, finally make a decisive move to reduce the country's dependence on oil?
      November 1, 1998Sustainability

      Natural Oil Spills

      In the Gulf of Mexico, a region famous for its many oil and gas fields, most of the petroleum flowing into the ocean leaks naturally from fissures in the seabed
      May 6, 2013

      The Dirt on Oil Sands

      By Scott McNally With the U.S. Department of State currently reviewing TransCanada’s application for a presidential permit of the Keystone XL pipeline, protests from environmental groups opposing the pipeline have been heating up...
      April 19, 2011Sustainability

      How Science Stopped BP's Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

      Remote imaging of the failed blowout preventer, stress testing various containment devices as well as other high-tech tasks helped contain the Deepwater Horizon disaster
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