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      November 10, 2010Biology

      Autism and mammography: Two stories of statistical confusion

      DENVER—There was substantial public outcry last year when new recommendations for mammograms came out suggesting that women could wait until age 50 to start breast cancer screening—and then only get screened every other year...
      June 28, 2010Biology

      Genome Sequencing for the Rest of Us

      Even as scans get faster and cheaper, many diseases still have unknown or sketchy genetic correlates. How much stock should consumers put in personal genome sequencing?
      September 19, 2011Biology

      What Will the Next Influenza Pandemic Look Like?

      Predicting pandemics might still be impossible, but with millions of lives at stake, researchers are using the latest science and lessons from history to best prepare for the next big one...
      August 6, 2012Health

      Brain Scans of Hoarders Reveal Why They Never De-Clutter

      Jill, a 60-year-old woman in Milwaukee, has overcome extreme poverty. So, now that she has enough money to put food in the fridge, she fills it. She also fills her freezer, her cupboard and every other corner of her home...
      July 19, 2010

      Vaginal gel shows effectiveness in preventing HIV in women

      A vaginal microbicide can cut HIV infection rates by 39 percent in women, researchers announced Monday. And female study participants who inserted the gel as directed reduced their chances of contracting HIV by more than half (54 percent)...
      December 18, 2014Octopus Chronicles

      7 Surprising Things Penguins of Madagascar Gets Right About Octopuses—And 4 It Gets Wrong

      It’s not very often that a movie comes out that features an octopus as one of the main (speaking) characters. (And they only occasionally become the star of a video game.) So if you wouldn’t mind indulging me for a brief detour into animation territory, let’s see what Hollywood gets right (and wrong) about this [...]..
      February 17, 2011Biology

      Hibernating black bears suggest new paths for tissue preservation

      Some mammals have an attractive solution for coping with long winters—sleep through them. Black bears ( Ursus americanus ) for example can hibernate for five to seven months of the year, going without food and water or the light of day.Fat loss and perhaps a little grogginess aside, when they emerge from their dens in the springtime, the bears seem no worse for the wear...
      April 30, 2010Biology

      How Breastfeeding Benefits Mothers' Health

      Feeding infants with breast milk has been shown to improve baby health and even IQ, but the benefits of breastfeeding also appear to stay with mothers for years to come, lowering risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer...
      February 4, 2012Mind & Brain

      Brain Injury Rate 7 Times Greater among U.S. Prisoners

      Prisoners suffer disproportionately from past traumatic brain injuries. Researchers are hunting for the best tools to treat this population in an effort to help them reintegrate into society--and avoid re-incarceration...
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