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      January 1, 2016Mind & Brain

      What Animals Know about Where Babies Come From

      Nonhuman species can seem to comprehend procreation, but even apes lack the cognitive traits to truly understand
      April 1, 2016Chemistry

      Deteriorating Plastic Threatens to Ruin Museum Treasures

      Plastic in Apollo spacesuits, Andy Warhol paintings and other museum pieces is falling apart. Researchers are learning how to rescue the endangered treasures
      September 1, 2014Evolution

      The Latest Fossil Finds Make the Puzzle of Human Evolution Harder Than Ever to Solve

      The latest molecular analyses and fossil finds suggest that the story of human evolution is far more complex—and more interesting—than anyone imagined
      January 1, 2017Neuroscience

      The Mind of an Octopus

      Eight smart limbs plus a big brain add up to a weird and wondrous kind of intelligence 
      June 1, 2009Environment

      Top 25 Green Energy Leaders

      Forward-thinking companies, universities and municipalities are finding creative ways to run on renewable power
      May 1, 2017Behavior

      The Social Genius of Animals

      Research shows that animals interact in amazingly sophisticated ways
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