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      August 21, 2007The Sciences

      Your mama or your MAOA?

      Welcome to

      Mind Matters where top researchers in neuroscience, psychology, and psychiatry explain and discuss the findings and theories driving their fields.
      April 1, 2002Mind

      The Neurobiology of Fear

      Researchers are Teasing Apart the Processes in the Brain that Give Rise to Various Fears in Monkeys. The Results May Lead to New Ways to Treat Anxiety in Humans
      July 1, 1996Mind

      Waking Up

      Finding a purpose for sleep has been as elusive as rest to an insomniac, but researchers are getting much closer
      July 1, 2010Mind

      Inside Our Emotions

      From kinky pleasures to artistic expression to love, two new offerings explore the waythe brain processes feelings.
      August 1, 2007The Sciences

      Ask the Experts

      November 10, 2008Mind

      A Bitter Placebo to Swallow

      Research shows that the items surrounding a successful medical treatment, like the type of drink we use to wash down a pill, can sometimes be as effective as the pill itself. Christie Nicholson reports...
      March 18, 2009Mind

      Wiping Out Bad Memories

      Research published in the journal Science last week shows the successful obliteration of a specific memory in mice. Christie Nicholson reports
      March 1, 2013The Sciences

      MIND Reviews: Why Humans Like to Cry

      November 1, 2013Mind

      Famous "Trolley Problem" Exposes Moral Instincts

      January 1, 2014Mind

      Psychopaths Might Have an Impaired Empathy Circuit

      Social apathy may arise from deficient connections among emotional brain centers
      September 1, 2012Mind

      Schools Add Workouts for Attention, Grit and Emotional Control

      Scientists, politicians and celebrities are remaking schools as gyms for the brain where teachers build the mental brawn for attention, perseverance and emotional control
      November 1, 2015Mind

      Why Screams Are So Upsetting

      Rapid fluctuations in volume—mimicked by sirens—trigger the brain’s fear centers
      May 1, 2016Mental Health

      Like Mother, Like Daughter

      Brain structure in emotion-regulation areas—and possibly the risk of mood disorders—is inherited down the female line
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