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      April 1, 2011Health

      Reflections from Science

      Editor in Chief Mariette DiChristina introduces the April 2011 issue of Scientific American
      September 1, 2012The Sciences

      How Science Takes Us Past Today’s Boundaries

      February 1, 2010The Sciences

      Ask the Experts

      November 20, 2017Book

      Amazing Animals

      We humans tend to think that we are unique in our intelligence, social skill and depth of emotion, but we think too much of ourselves. The animal kingdom teems with hidden stories of the weird and fascinating, and in this eBook, Amazing Animals *, we gather recent research on animal behavior, including surprising discoveries of how animals think and feel, from man’s best friend to some of the earth’s oddest creatures...
      Amazing AnimalsAmazing Animals
      February 6, 2017Book

      Evolution vs. Creationism: Inside the Controversy

      Creationists, or those who hold the belief that the universe and all life was made by divine creator, have tried to use a myriad of tactics either to ban the teaching of evolution entirely or to have creationism and/or intelligent design taught alongside it in public schools...
      Evolution vs. CreationismEvolution vs. Creationism
      December 21, 2015Book

      Our Furry Friends: The Science of Pets

      In the U.S., more than half of households have a pet – usually more than one. They’re usually considered members of the family, and some of us even call them our “furry children.” The strength of the human-pet bond tells us as much or more about ourselves as it does about our pets, and in this eBook, we look at why dogs and cats behave the way they do and what makes our bond with them so strong...
      The Science of PetsThe Science of Pets
      March 28, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Wednesday - Cesarean Sections, post-run shivers", Planthoppers of Iran, food insecurity, Apollo 11 in the sea, and more.

      As it is Wednesday, here is the brand new Video of the Week for your enjoyment (and laughter).- Kirstin Hendrickson - Cesarean Sections in the U.S. - The Trouble with Assembling Evidence from Data - Scicurious - Running and thermoregulation: the post-run “shivers” - Kate Clancy - Building Babies: Interview with Katie Hinde - Jennifer Frazer - Planthoppers of Iran: Are You OK? - Janet D...
      September 24, 2011Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Friday

      Have a great weekend!- Scicurious - Friday Weird Science: Sexy Stubble - Jennifer Ouellette - Protons and Pistols: Remembering Robert Wilson - Kelly Oakes - An impossible star?...
      January 25, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Wednesday - Sword-Swallowing, Fracking, Aurorae, Secrets, and more

      Wednesday, thus time for the new Video of the Week.- Scicurious - The Next Generation Science Conference, a #scio12 Wrapup - Jennifer Ouellette - By the Sword: The Science of Sword-Swallowing - Scott McNally - Guest Post: Water Contamination – Fracking is not the problem - Mariette DiChristina - Citizen Scientists Study Whale Songs: Years of Work Done in Months - Caleb A...
      January 27, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Thursday - Actinides, Roy Chapman Andrews, Balloons in Space, Jumping Spiders and more

      - Christie Wilcox - Blogging Science While Female – the Storify - Jessica Morrison - The Disappearing Actinides, and Other Frustrations from the Bottom Row of the Periodic Table of the Elements - Alex Wild - Real-life SpiderMan: Thomas Shahan and Thrifty Thursday: Fixed in Amber - Mark Fischetti - New Orleans Protection Plan Will Rely on Wetlands to Hold Back Hurricanes - John Matson - Newt to NASA: Stop Talking about Space Exploration–Just Do It - David Bressan - Roy Chapman Andrews and the Kingdom of the Cretaceous Skulls - George Musser - Could a Balloon Fly in Outer Space? - Katherine Harmon - Jumping Spiders Use Blurry Vision to Catch Quick Prey with Precision [Video] - DNLee - #scio12: The Big Takeaway from the Broadening Participation Panel - Krystal D'Costa - Editor’s Selections: Roman lead poisoning, Dyslexia, Intelligence in context, and A...
      November 20, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Tuesday - zombie bacteria, sleep and memory, quantum cryptography, dinosaur trunks, hungry ciliates, ancient eyes, and more.

      - Simon J Makin - Sleep On It - Alan Woodward - Quantum Cryptography At The End Of Your Road - Jennifer Ouellette - Quantum Dots of Many Colors - Darren Naish - Junk in the trunk: why sauropod dinosaurs did not possess trunks (redux, 2012) - Psi Wavefunction - Frontonia: dissecting a ciliate appetite - Jennifer Frazer - Mycoplasma “Ghosts” Can Rise From the Dead - Lucas Brouwers - Animal vision evolved 700 million years ago - Ashutosh Jogalekar - Chocolate consumption and Nobel Prizes: A bizarre juxtaposition if there ever was one - Maria Konnikova - Killer blueberries: Inside the reality of paranoia - John R...
      September 27, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Wednesday - Iron Man's brain, data visualization, fractal kitties, journal price, carbohydrate shortage, and more.

      Check out the transcript of last week's Chat about the Best Science Writing Online in 2012- E. Paul Zehr - Assembling an Avenger – Inside the Brain of Iron Man - Eric Buckler - Data Visualization: Trudging through digital road to new scientific discovery - Jennifer Ouellette - Walking on Eggshells: Anatomy of a Science Story - Bonnie Swoger - Why are journals so expensive? - Scicurious - IgNobel Prize in Anatomy: I would know that butt anywhere - Kelly Oakes - Supernova 1006 lived fast and left no companion behind - Khalil A...
      July 23, 2013Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Tuesday - how to destroy art, see like a bee, and commune with one's ancestors. And more.

      Check out our newest Image of the Week!- Lawrence Rifkin - My ancestors slept here - Cheryl Murphy - Well, I’ll BEE…Bees see UV - Glendon Mellow - How to Destroy Priceless Works of Art - Becky Crew - New Species, Thor’s Hero Shrew, Will Back Itself in Any Feat of Strength - Jennifer Ouellette - Fermilab Physicist Makes “Frozen Lightning” Art with Accelerators - Katherine Harmon - 3-D Printed Jets Mimic Octopus Propulsion - Melanie Tannenbaum - I’m Excited About The Royal Baby (And It’s Okay If You Are Too) - Ashutosh Jogalekar - Richard Rhodes on the need for nuclear power - Gary Stix - Two Hydrogens and One Oxygen, a Recipe for Cognitive Enhancement? - Khalil A...
      May 9, 2012Environment

      #SciAmBlogs Wednesday - upper-lower jaw mixup, data in the cloud, origins of war, DSM-5, separations, jewel caterpillars, mangroves and more.

      - Ricki Lewis - Body-Altering Mutations – In Humans and Flies - Alan Woodward - Cloud Storage - Krystal D'Costa - The Meaning of Goodbye - John Horgan - What Thieving Seals Can Tell Us about War’s Roots - Edward Shorter - Trouble at the Heart of Psychiatry’s Revised Rulebook - Stephen Holle - USC Dornsife Scientific Diving: Human Impacts on Mangrove Forests - Khalil A...
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