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      July 1, 2016Neuroscience

      Banking against Alzheimer’s

      Research has provided a host of clues to age-proofing our brains and making them more resistant to dementia
      November 1, 2014Neuroscience

      We Can Now Send Thoughts Directly between Brains

      The dawn of human brain-to-brain communication has arrived
      August 1, 1992Mind & Brain

      Doomsday Diagnostic?

      A precursor protein may predict the risk for Alzheimer's disease
      October 17, 2018

      Be Afraid... but Only If You Want to Be

      Variations in brain chemistry and what make us feel safe can be the difference between those who enjoy getting scared and those who don’t
      April 24, 2014

      Can Whales and Dolphins Make Mental Maps?

      The brains of cetaceans--dolphins and whales--differ from those of other mammals in a number of ways, but one of the most striking differences is the size of the hippocampus.  As a general rule, the larger the size of a mammal’s brain, the smaller the fraction of it that the hippocampus occupies, so dolphins and whales [...]..
      December 21, 2012

      Edward, Bella, and McGurk: Why Bad Lip-Synching Is So Funny

      “You slapped a fiiiish. Why would you do that?”“I wanted some seafood.” At nearly 16,000,000 views at the time of this writing, this “bad lip-synching” of Edward and Bella is objectively hilarious...
      July 14, 2011

      Crux of Schizophrenia's Emotional and Social Deficits May Be Cognitive

      [PART 2 OF 2 BLOGS ON SCHIZOPHRENIA. PART 1.]Before he got sick, my Uncle Glenn attended MIT and earned a master’s degree in electrical engineering. For a while, he made a living designing machine languages to, for example, recognize print and convert it to Braille...
      August 2, 2011Mind & Brain

      Too Hard For Science? Are There Drugs That Kill Love?

      Antidepressants might lift up one's spirits, but might they break hearts? In "Too Hard For Science?" I interview scientists about ideas they would love to explore that they don't think could be investigated...
      May 9, 2011Mind & Brain

      Too Hard for Science? Simulating the Human Brain

      Supercomputers may soon approach the brain's power, but much is unknown about how it works In "Too Hard for Science?" I interview scientists about ideas they would love to explore that they don't think could be investigated...
      June 1, 1990Mind & Brain

      Overview: Schizophrenia

      This devastating illness remains profoundly mysterious
      April 16, 2013

      Media Is Unreal: Bring Media Literacy into Science Literacy

      Last year, a colleague struggling to find the right word to express her thoughts in a group discussion asked, “What is the opposite of media?” I paused before giving my answer, waiting to hear other thoughts...
      November 1, 2010Mind & Brain

      Readers Respond to "Speaking in Tones"-- And More...

      Letters to the editor about the July/August 2010 issue of Scientific American MIND
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