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      March 1, 2000Space

      Staying Sane in Space

      "Is the right stuff enough?" asks staff writer Sarah Simpson
      December 28, 2007Tech

      The Year in Robots

      In 2007, our artificially intelligent companions moved closer to replacing us on the battlefield, improving healthcare (on Earth and in space) and even befriending our children
      January 1, 1981Sustainability

      Toward a Rational Strategy for Oil Exploration

      How much oil does the U.S. have left? Clues are yielded by computer simulation of the results of drilling for oil at random, but decisions on energy policy call for a thoroughgoing inventory of the resource...
      March 1, 1998Sustainability

      Oil Production in the 21st Century

      Recent innovations in underground imaging, steerable drilling and deepwater oil production could recover more of what lies below
      December 1, 1983Tech

      Modern Icebreakers

      They have evolved rapidly because of economic pressures to maintain commerce in icebound waters. They feature unusual hull designs and propulsion systems, and most of them are currently built in Finland...
      October 3, 2013Sustainability

      Construction Begins on New Carbon-Capture Plant

      The Texas plant claims that it will be the world's first commercial carbon dioxide mineralization plant, transforming the greenhouse gas CO2 into baking soda
      August 1, 1959The Sciences

      Science and the Citizen: August 1959

      June 1, 1967The Sciences

      Geological Subsidence

      In many parts of the world the pumping of oil, gas or water out of the ground has caused the land to sink. Where oil or gas are involved the subsidence can be forestalled by pumping in water...
      August 1, 1974Sustainability

      The Disposal of Waste in the Ocean

      Contrary to some widely held views, the ocean is the plausible place for man to dispose of some of his wastes. If the process is thoughtfully controlled, it will do no damage to marine life...
      September 1, 2008Sustainability

      For National Security, Get Off Oil

      Former CIA director, R. James Woolsey, says America's oil dependence is a grave threat
      October 1, 1956Sustainability

      The Fuel Situation

      Earth's finite reserves of petroleum, natural gas and coal cannot continue to supply much longer the rising demand for energy. The development of new sources of energy must now have high priority...
      November 1, 1973The Sciences

      The Evolution of the Pacific

      Deep-sea drilling shows that the bottom of the western Pacific basin is different from the bottom of the eastern basin. The slow movement of the crust underlying the basin seems to account for the difference...
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