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    What Six Years Did

    In the Design of Large X-ray Equipment, Progress Has been Extremely Great in the Past Few Years ... Hospital X-ray equals 90,000,000 Worth of Radium

    September 1, 1939

    Phasing In

    New X-ray-diffraction method reveals molecules' 3-D structure

    January 1, 1988 — J. H.

    Inconstant Cosmos

    Space-based telescopes endowed with x-ray and gamma-ray vision observe an ever restless, dynamic universe.

    May 1, 1993 — Corey S. Powell,

    Girth of a Star

    X-ray oscillations help to estimate a neutron star's radius

    November 1, 1997 — Madhusree Mukerjee

    Who was Shakespeare?

    Reader Response to X-ray Revelations of Identity of Shakespeare, Published in January Number, Presenting Further Evidence from Other X-rays

    May 1, 1940

    The Betatron

    World's Most Powerful X-Ray Machine Holds Vast Possibilities for Medicine, Industry, Research

    May 1, 1943 — A. R. Wildhagen

    The Search for Black Holes

    Observations at the wavelengths of light, radio waves and X rays indicate that the X-ray source Cygnus X-1 is probably a black hole in orbit around a massive star

    December 1, 1974 — Kip S. Thorne

    What Mummies Reveal

    X-ray Studies of Peruvian Mummies Show Us the Injuries and Diseases From Which the Ancient Civilized Indians Suffered

    April 1, 1930 — Roy L. Moodie