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      September 1, 1939Health

      What Six Years Did

      In the Design of Large X-ray Equipment, Progress Has been Extremely Great in the Past Few Years ... Hospital X-ray equals 90,000,000 Worth of Radium
      October 1, 2002The Sciences

      Planetary Protection

      X-ray tests show how to deflect an incoming asteroid
      July 1, 1989The Sciences

      Stradivari's Secret (Redux)

      Did baroque artisans "X-ray" wood with sunlight?
      January 1, 1988Tech

      Phasing In

      New X-ray-diffraction method reveals molecules' 3-D structure
      September 1, 1947Sustainability

      Oil Field Analysis

      By Following Tracer Through Sample Core With X-Ray
      May 1, 1993Space

      Inconstant Cosmos

      Space-based telescopes endowed with x-ray and gamma-ray vision observe an ever restless, dynamic universe.
      November 1, 1988Space

      Quasi-Periodic Oscillations in Celestial X-Ray Sources

      Not quite periodic, not quite random fluctuations in X-ray intensity provide clues to the nature of extremely bright X-ray sources loosely clustered near the center of our galaxy
      November 1, 1997Space

      Girth of a Star

      X-ray oscillations help to estimate a neutron star's radius
      March 1, 1922Tech

      Roentgen-Ray Photography

      Some Recent Applications of the X-Ray, and Some Bizarre Results
      May 1, 1940The Sciences

      Who was Shakespeare?

      Reader Response to X-ray Revelations of Identity of Shakespeare, Published in January Number, Presenting Further Evidence from Other X-rays
      May 1, 1943Tech

      The Betatron

      World's Most Powerful X-Ray Machine Holds Vast Possibilities for Medicine, Industry, Research
      December 1, 1974Space

      The Search for Black Holes

      Observations at the wavelengths of light, radio waves and X rays indicate that the X-ray source Cygnus X-1 is probably a black hole in orbit around a massive star
      January 1, 1946Tech

      100,000,000 Electron Volts

      New Super X-Ray Generator Makes Possible Transmutation of Elements and Opens New Fields for Extended Research in Nuclear Physics
      October 1, 1939The Sciences

      Eyes that See Through Atoms

      Spectroscopic Analysis the Supersensitive, In Vitamin Research the Spectroscope Short-Circuits the Overworked Rat, The X-Ray Spectrograph
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