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      The Science of Cancer

      The past few years have seen tremendous strides in our understanding of cancer, including new hypotheses about its genetic origins and new treatment alternatives using the body’s own immune response.
      The Science of Cancer
      February 13, 2007Technology

      Mouse Clones Sprout from Adult Skin Cells

      Stem cells in hair follicles prove the viability of adult stem cells to not only clone, but also possibly create embryonic stem cells.
      February 1, 2008Health

      Potent Alternative

      Reverse-engineered human stem cells may leapfrog the embryonic kind
      November 1, 2011Health

      You Say Embryo, I Say Parthenote

      Stem cells from unfertilized eggs may be too tightly regulated
      March 1, 2010The Sciences

      Stem Cell Vitamin Boost

      Vitamin C increases the production of induced stem cells
      June 27, 2005The Sciences

      The Cloning Connection

      Cloned tissues from stem cells might beat immune rejection
      October 26, 2006Health

      Blastomere Blowup

      A novel way to harvest stem cells intrigues and inflames
      June 12, 2007The Sciences

      Can Adult Stem Cells Do It All?

      Scientists may have turned mouse skin cells into embryolike stem cells, but prior claims for the power of adult cells have yet to stand the test of time
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