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      July 1, 2008Health

      New Light on Medicine

      Pigments that turn caustic on exposure to light can fight cancer, blindness and heart disease. Their lightinduced toxicity may also help explain the origin of vampire tales
      January 1, 1951Health

      The Human Body in Space

      Scientists and engineers have long considered the problems of flight to other planets. As the reality of space travel slowly draws closer, they particularly weigh its effects on man's earth-conditioned frame...
      June 1, 1990Health

      RU 486

      This controversial drug is now used widely in France to terminate unwanted pregnancies. Yet the compound was not invented for that purpose and actually has many possible applications
      January 1, 1956Health


      Exactly how does the need for water give rise to this familiar, and occasionally excruciating, sensation? The reader is advised to begin this article only if he has a cool drink near at hand...
      February 1, 1961Mind & Brain

      The Perception of Pain

      Pain is not a fixed response to a hurtful stimulus. Its perception is modified by our past experiences, our expectations and, more subtly, by our culture
      September 1, 1958Mind & Brain

      The Physiology of Imagination

      What activity of the brain underlies the creative process? The evidence indicates that electrical waves, traveling on multilane pathways among the 10 billion cells of the cortex, correspond to the experience of mind...
      March 1, 1953Mind & Brain

      What is Pain?

      It is surprisingly difficult to answer the question because the perception of injury involves a subtle blend of physiological and psychological factors
      September 1, 1996Health

      Twelve Major Cancers

      December 11, 2017Fitness

      The Skinny on Fat

      Biochemist Sylvia Tara talks about her book The Secret Life of Fat: The Science behind the Body's Least-Understood Organ and What It Means for You.
      The Skinny on Fat
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