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      September 12, 2012Technology

      Apple Takes Wraps Off iPhone 5, 4-inch Screen and All

      Apple's new iPhone 5 (Credit:Apple) As expected, Apple has announced the iPhone 5. The object of much anticipation and speculation over the last several months, the iPhone 5 delivers most of what industry observers had expected...
      July 28, 2013Technology

      Packaging for a rumored budget iPhone 5C shows up online

      This alleged packaging of a new iPhone model was posted on a the WeiPhone forum in China on July 27. (Credit:Weiphone forum) As Apple's fall product reveal approaches, alleged images of the new iPhone parts are appearing with greater frequency...
      November 1, 2012Policy

      Does a Public “Find My iPhone” Search Violate Personal Privacy?

      A guy stole my iPhone. I tracked it and posted his address online. Was that wrong?
      August 30, 2007Technology

      iPhone Hacks Annoy AT&T but Are Unlikely to Bruise Apple

      Efforts to untie AT&T's exclusive service-provider agreement with Apple's iPhone are an interesting exercise to prove it can be done. But how many iPhone customers will take advantage of this?...
      161 Bird-Watcher Apps for the iPhone—and They’re All for the Birds [Slide Show]


      experience with Birdsnap was less than satisfactory, as the iPhone app failed to recognize the sparrow he had been watching.
      March 1, 2011Technology

      From iPhones to SciPhones

      Scientists are developing iPhone apps that aid in research and that appeal to "citizen scientists" as well
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