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      Pain: The Search for Relief

      Pain: The Search for Relief

      Burning. Shooting. Stabbing. Sometimes the cause is unknown. Sometimes it begins as the result of an injury. Whatever form it takes, chronic pain often resists treatment. In this eBook, we examine the latest advances in understanding the pathology of chronic pain and the efforts to find better, non-opioid treatment options including electrical stimulation of nerves, venom from spiders and other creatures and psychological interventions including virtual-reality therapy and acupuncture.


      New Target Discovered for Pain Relief

      A neuropathic pain expert says, however, that in the past 30 years virtually no new drug targets have made it into the clinic as effective pain-relief drugs

      January 22, 2012 — Katharine Sanderson and Nature magazine

      Women Feel Pain More Intensely Than Men Do

      Future research is needed to find out the exact causes of pain perception differences, and which ones would be best to target for more effective pain control

      January 23, 2012 — Rachael Rettner and MyHealthNewsDaily

      Aching Atrophy

      More than unpleasant, chronic pain shrinks the brain

      January 1, 2004 — Lisa Melton
      Khalil’s Picks (23 August 2013)

      Khalil’s Picks (23 August 2013)

      This week on Picks: Bacteria that cause pain, slimy salamanders, balance of the sexes, and more! – Bacteria can cause pain on their own by Cristy Gelling Bacteria can directly trigger the nerves that sense pain, suggesting that the body’s own immune reaction is not always to blame for the extra tenderness of an infected [...]

      August 23, 2013 — Khalil A. Cassimally

      20% off Scientific American Health & Medicine

      20% off Scientific American Health & Medicine