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      June 29, 2009Space & Physics

      Heads up! Tap Twitter for alerts when space station is overhead

      The International Space Station (ISS) is a big bird, boasting nearly an acre of solar panels along its backbone. Those panels make the ISS reflective enough so that the station can sometimes be seen from the ground as it passes roughly 220 miles (350 kilometers) above...
      September 1, 2004Space & Physics


      Some stars are magnetized so intensely that they emit huge bursts of magnetic energy and alter the very nature of the quantum vacuum
      August 1, 2004

      Sloshing in Space

      Analyzing how liquids affect the motion of ships
      November 1, 2007

      Dark Riddles

      Behavior of galaxy cluster may shift thinking about gravity
      June 1, 2005

      Rare Flare

      Odd magnetar burst partly solves gamma-ray riddle
      February 7, 2005

      String Revival

      Are cosmic strings behind unusual lensing effects?
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