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      The Rise of the Automobile

      The Blind Spot

      One of the earliest female physicians discusses how the blind spot can be a hazard for motorists on the road
      Look Out!: Ann Arbor Cars to Communicate with One Another to Avoid Crashes [Slide Show]


      Auto manufacturers in the safety pilot take different approaches to warning signals. In this Ford Escape, a light signals another car in the blind spot. The driver also hears a warning tone...
      May 1, 2008Mind

      Mind the Gap

      The brain, like nature, abhors a vacuum
      April 1, 2005Mind

      Mind the Gap

      The brain, like nature, abhors a vacuum
      January 30, 2020Biology

      Find Your Blind Spot!

      A visual science project from Science Buddies
      October 1, 2012Tech

      Patent Watch: Non-Distorting Mirror

      August 9, 2012

      When Seeing Isn't Believing: Charles Bonnet Syndrome

      Liliputs and little people, cartoon characters dancing on your desk, a civil war soldier in your living room, a zebra walking down the street. Typically not what we’d expect to see with our own eyes...
      January 19, 2009

      Driver's med: Rearview mirror, sans the blind spot

      A mathematician with a passion for optics has devised a rearview mirror that he says eliminates that bane of lane-changing, the blind spot. Andrew Hicks, an associate math professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia, designed a convex driver's side mirror that gives a wide field of view without significantly distorting the reflected image...
      October 6, 2008

      Smart car key helps keep junior in line on his big night out

      Parents worried about teens' safety (not to mention the safety of everyone else on the road) when they take the new car for a spin will soon be able to control how fast the kids drive and how loudly they crank up the tunes...
      May 7, 2011Mind

      Know Thyself

      A recent review paper shows that we might not know ourselves as well as we think. Christie Nicholson reports
      January 1, 2014Mind

      Filling in the _________

      Your brain fills in all kinds of visual gaps
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