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      August 16, 2018Evolution

      For Some Crows, Migration Is Optional

      Crows are what's known as "partial migrants"—as cold weather approaches, some crows fly south whereas others stay put. And that behavior appears to be ingrained. Christopher Intagliata reports. ...
      For Some Crows, Migration Is Optional
      July 30, 2018Behavior

      Some Crows Hit On Dead Companions

      About 5 percent of crows will attempt to copulate with other crows that have joined the choir invisible.
      Some Crows Hit On Dead Companions
      April 1, 1957Mind & Brain

      Mathematical Games

      Paradoxes dealing with birthdays, playing cards, coins, crows and red-haired typists
      September 1, 2013Evolution

      Crows Show Off Their Social Skills

      New findings on crows' intelligence lend perspective on how social smarts evolve
      February 10, 2015Mind & Brain

      Crows Understand Analogies

      What birds can teach us about animal intelligence
      October 4, 2007Technology

      The Secret Lives of Tool-Wielding Crows

      Oxford University zoologists affix mini-cameras to New Caledonian crows to learn more about one of the few animals other than ourselves who use tools
      September 3, 2019Biology

      Cholesterol Climbs after Crows Chomp Cheeseburgers

      Wild animals that live near humans have higher cholesterol than their rural counterparts—and our food could be to blame. Christopher Intagliata reports. 
      Cholesterol Climbs after Crows Chomp Cheeseburgers
      November 1, 1959Evolution

      The Language of Crows

      One group of American eastern crows responds to recorded distress calls of French jackdaws, but another group does not. The more cosmopolitan life of the former may account for this difference...
      April 16, 2014

      Crows Aren’t Just Smart, They’re Also Jokers

      Corvid cleverness is making news lately. Two of my favorite science writers, Sharon Begley and James Gorman, describe a variety of experiments--reported in PLOS One by researchers in New Zealand–in which crows mimic the hero of Aesop’s ancient fable “The Crow and the Pitcher.” By dropping objects into containers of water, crows raise the water’s [...]..
      October 9, 2018Biology

      Counting Crows

      Research sheds light on the neural mechanisms behind the birds’ surprising inborn ability to judge quantities
      December 11, 2010Mind & Brain

      What Makes an Honest Smile Honest?

      What is the telltale clue to a genuine smile? Recent research finds positive correlations with this honest show of emotion. Christie Nicholson reports
      September 20, 2011Cognition

      Crows take a look in the mirror

      One question in an animal cognition is whether animals other than humans have the ability to recognise themselves. A classic way of testing this, established in 1970 by Gordon Gallup, is the `mirror test'...
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