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    Repair Workers Within

    Adult stem cells may escape the ethical controversies of their embryonic counterparts, but as Christine Soares notes, their practical clinical value is far more murky

    June 27, 2005 — Christine Soares
    Embryonic Stem Cells for Medicine

    Embryonic Stem Cells for Medicine

    Cells able to generate virtually all other cell types have recently been isolated. One day they could help repair a wide variety of damaged tissues

    April 1, 1999 — Roger A. Pedersen
    Stem cells: The crusader

    Stem cells: The crusader

    Theresa Deisher once shunned religion for science. Now, with renewed faith, she is fighting human-embryonic-stem-cell research in court.

    February 9, 2011

    Stem Cells from Skin Cells

    Success may help erase practical hurdles—if not ethical ones—to cloning human embryonic stem cells to study and treat degenerative disorders

    June 6, 2007 — JR Minkel
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