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      Evolution: The Human Odyssey

      The complex story of human evolution is a tale seven million years in the making. Each new discovery adds to or revises our story and our understanding of how we came to be the way we are. In this eBook, Evolution: The Human Odyssey* , we explore the evolution of those characteristics that make us human.
      Evolution: The Human Odyssey
      September 1, 1962The Sciences


      The role of genetics in the evolution of man, including his future evolution
      October 14, 1876The Sciences

      Professor Huxley in America

      The Theory of Evolution
      October 7, 1876The Sciences

      Prof. Huxley in America

      The Theory of Evolution
      April 6, 1912Evolution

      Improving on Darwin

      Johannsen's Theories of Evolution
      September 7, 1907The Sciences

      The Rise of Man

      A Study in Evolution
      October 9, 1909The Sciences

      The Origin of Worlds

      Recent Theories of Stellar Evolution
      September 16, 1911The Sciences

      Machine Beauty

      Aesthetic Evolution in Engineering Structures
      November 20, 1909The Sciences

      Charles Darwin and Mendelism

      Evolution Past and Present
      February 25, 1911The Sciences

      Environment and Heredity

      Modern Studies in Experimental Evolution
      February 27, 1909The Sciences

      Darwinism Fifty Years After

      The Biological Lesson of Evolution
      August 1, 1930Evolution


      The New Theory of Evolution
      January 18, 1913The Sciences

      Recent Development of the Locomotive—III

      The Latest Stages in Its Evolution
      July 7, 1917The Sciences

      The History of Individual Armor

      Their Evolution Since Antiquity—Their Future
      January 25, 1913The Sciences

      Recent Development of the Locomotive—IV

      The Latest Stages in Its Evolution
      December 8, 1917The Sciences

      The Inertia of Energy

      As Related to the Evolution of Matter
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