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      Being There: Scientists Enlist Inuit for Long-Term Observations of Arctic Wildlife [Slide Show]


      Researcher takes sample of air expelled from the narwhal's blowhole.
      April 9, 2008The Sciences

      Expelled Explained

      A new movie, Expelled, claims that intelligent design is good science that is being censored by adherents to evolution, which is nothing but Darwinian dogma. Scientific American's editor-in-chief, John Rennie, and podcast host Steve Mirsky discuss the movie...
      August 1, 1983The Sciences

      Interstellar Matter in Meteorites

      Carbonaceous chondrites, the most primitive meteorites, incorporate material originating outside the solar system, including matter expelled by supernovas and other stars
      April 2, 2012Space

      Supernova Turned Star Inside-Out

      When the star Cassiopeia A exploded, nearly all the iron from the core was expelled to the outer regions of the supernova. John Matson reports
      June 1, 2008Evolution

      Ben Stein's Expelled Exposed

      A film challenging evolution by game show host and financial analyst Ben Stein is a case study in antiscience propaganda
      April 18, 2008The Sciences

      Never You Mine: Ben Stein's Selective Quoting of Darwin

      One of the many egregious moments in the new Ben Stein anti-evolution film "Expelled" is the truncation of a quote from Charles Darwin so that it makes him appear to give philosophical ammunition to the Nazis...
      May 13, 2013

      Updates on #KieraWilmot, Legal Fund created

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for reaching out and speaking up for #KieraWilmot and showing #Solidarity4Wilmot. I teared up as I read all of the offers of support to assist Kiera and other students all over the country...
      February 15, 2008The Sciences

      Ben Stein Wins Intelligent Design Money

      Ben Stein was the goofball host of the cable show “Win Ben Stein’s Money.†A Christian University in southern California has just announced that it is honoring Stein for his upcoming movie that makes the case for taking intelligent design seriously...
      June 23, 2015

      Starfish Show Tracking Tags Who's Boss [Video]

      A funny thing happened when two Danish college students injected tracking tags into starfish. The tracking tags kept mysteriously winding up on the bottom of the tank.
      November 18, 2016Conservation

      DNA Samples Find a Lot of Fish in the Sea

      The DNA in seawater can reveal the diversity and abundance of fish species living in ocean waters. Christopher Intagliata reports. 
      DNA Samples Find a Lot of Fish in the Sea
      July 27, 2015The Sciences

      A Whale of a Tale

      One whale's excrement is another man's treasure: ambergris is worth its weight in gold.
      May 12, 2013Evolution

      Unusual Offshore Octopods: More (Octopus) Suckers Born Every Minute in Cold Water

      That octopuses can survive in the extreme, sunless environments around deep hydrothermal vents is surprising enough. But comparing octopuses that make their homes there has led to some even more interesting discoveries about animal development.The rarely seen Muusoctopus hydrothermalis live some 2,495 to 2,620 meters below the surface, along the East Pacific Rise...
      Brain Stains: In Sheri's Words


      So many of the "alters" wanted to howl until the pain, sadness, fear and guilt was expelled and replaced with peace. During therapy, I would often set my children up in front of an animated movie in the front room and go off into my own bedroom, crawl into my closet, shut the door and howl into pillows until I quit shaking...
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