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      August 1, 1989The Sciences


      Seeking new standards for forensic DNA typing
      April 27, 2017Chemistry

      Finding Fingerprints

      A forensic science project
      November 1, 2013Health

      Fast-Mutating Viruses Point Back to Criminal Spreaders of Disease

      Forensic epidemiologists are tracking rapid viral mutations to help convict criminal spreaders of disease
      May 1, 1990The Sciences

      When Science Takes the Witness Stand

      In courts of law, forensic. testimony often goes unchallenged by a scientifically naive legal community. Forensic methods must be screened with greater care if justice is to be served
      February 1, 2006The Sciences

      Putting a Face on the First President

      Solving a surprisingly long-standing mystery, a forensic anthropologist reconstructs what George Washington looked like as a young man
      January 1, 2017Scientific American Volume 316, Issue 1

      Animal CSI: Forensic Scientists Catch Dog and Cat Abusers

      Advances in veterinary forensic science are helping prosecutors convict people who abuse animals
      May 1, 2022Robotics

      Drones Could Spot Crime Scenes from Afar

      A system could aid forensic searches and crime-scene mapping by detecting reflections from human materials
      August 8, 2008The Sciences

      What is touch DNA?

      The technology that cleared JonBenet Ramsey's family of her murder can detect the slightest bit of genetic material. Husband and wife forensic experts Max and Lucy Houck explain:
      October 30, 2018Policy

      What Does a Crooked Election Look Like?

      In the search for electoral fraud, researchers use forensic tool kits to detect statistical signs of ballot stuffing and voter rigging
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