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      June 1, 1988The Sciences

      Love on the Fly

      The courtship songs of Hawaiian fruit flies
      July 1, 2011Mind & Brain

      The Sleepy Gene

      Scientists pinpoint a key to sleepiness in fruit flies
      June 1, 1965The Sciences

      The Amateur Scientist

      How to study the genetics of fruit flies with chromatograms viewed by ultraviolet lamp
      June 1, 1997The Sciences

      Sex, Flies and Videotape

      A mutant gene alters the sexual behavior of fruit flies
      March 16, 2012Biology

      Sex-Deprived Flies Seek Swig Solace

      Sexually frustrated fruit flies preferred alcohol-laced food more than their satisfied compatriots did. Cynthia Graber reports
      April 26, 2017Biology

      Gut Microbes Help Keep Starved Flies Fecund

      Microbes living in the guts of fruit flies appear to influence the flies' food choice—and promote egg production, even under a nutrient-poor diet. Christopher Intagliata reports.
      Gut Microbes Help Keep Starved Flies Fecund
      January 23, 2017Biology

      High-Sugar Diet Makes Flies Drop Like...Flies

      A study examines the effects of a high-sugar diet on the life spans of fruit flies. Another studies how the flies’ appetite-suppressing pathways may be similar to ours. Karen Hopkin reports. ...
      April 2, 2007Environment

      A "Selfish" Solution for Eradicating Malaria

      Using work done to rapidly introduce a transgenic element in fruit flies, researchers hope to cure mosquitoes—and humans—of malaria
      June 26, 2019Neuroscience

      Scientists Fool Flies with “Virtual Tastes”

      By switching fruit flies' sensory neurons on and off with light, scientists were able to create the sensation of sweet or bitter tastes. Christopher Intagliata reports.
      Scientists Fool Flies with
      October 5, 2020Neuroscience

      These Researchers Are Putting Fly Babies into Virtual Reality

      A new system called PiVR creates working artificial environments for small animals such as zebra fish larvae and fruit flies. Developers say the system’s affordability could help expand research into animal behavior. ...
      These Researchers Are Putting Fly Babies into Virtual Reality
      August 29, 2008The Sciences

      Fly Swatting 101

      Slow-motion video shows that fruit flies plan their escape well before you begin your attempt to swat them. Adam Hinterthuer reports
      March 1, 2000Biology

      The Tick-Tock of the Biological Clock

      Biological clocks count off 24-hour intervals in most forms of life. Genetics has revealed that related molecular timepieces are at work in fruit flies, mice and humans
      November 14, 2006The Sciences

      Urchin Genome Exposed

      Hot on the heels of the honeybee, the latest animal to have its genome sequenced is the urchin. This longstanding testbed for embryologists actually has more genes in common with us than worms or fruit flies do...
      May 26, 2009Technology

      Cancer Drugs May Also Treat Alcoholism

      A study in the journal Cell shows that some fruit flies are genetically disposed to dislike drinking alcohol. And some anticancer drugs mimic the effect--which points to the possibility of those drugs treating alcoholism...
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