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      July 1, 1988Health

      Skin Saver

      Researchers seek a vaccine to treat and prevent melanoma
      November 4, 2012Biology

      Redhead Pigment Boosts Skin-Cancer Risk

      "Ginger" mice are found to be more susceptible to melanoma even without any exposure to ultraviolet radiation
      August 1, 2012

      Fish with Melanoma - Our Enduring Environmental Legacy

      We've all heard the horror stories. Melanoma is one of the most dangerous kinds of skin cancer, killing around 50,000 people worldwide every year. If caught early enough, it can be cured, but once it invades past the skin, it's deadly...
      February 16, 2009Health

      Melanoma and Parkinson's disease linked

      What does skin cancer have to do with Parkinson's disease, the degenerative brain condition that causes tremors, slowed gait and problems with balance and coordination?
      October 23, 2008

      Doc calculates McCain's risk of skin-cancer death

      Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain has a 6 percent chance of dying of the skin cancer melanoma in each of the next two years, says a doctor who specializes in the design of medical trials...
      February 2, 2009

      Skin check for cancer? You may not need one

      Do you obsessively scrutinize your skin for unusual blemishes and visit your doc for an annual whole-body check for cancer? It may not do you any good, a panel of government experts says...
      March 31, 2010Health

      Farm Pesticides Linked to Skin Cancer

      Sun exposure has always been considered the driving force behind rising rates of melanoma. But new research suggests that repeated, long-term use of pesticides may be an important factor, too...
      July 2, 2010Health

      Left-sided Cancer: Blame your bed and TV?

      Curiously, the cancer rate is 10 percent higher in the left breast than in the right. This left-side bias holds true for both men and women and it also applies to the skin cancer melanoma...
      March 10, 2018Fitness

      When to Worry About a Mole

      Learn who is at higher risk for melanoma and what features are more concerning for this aggressive type of skin cancer
      August 5, 2012The Sciences

      UV Gives Fish Skin Cancer

      Fifteen percent of a sample of 136 trout caught near the Great Barrier Reef showed evidence of melanoma, with UV exposure the likely culprit. Christopher Intagliata reports
      February 24, 2015Health

      Sun Damages DNA in Skin Cells Long After Exposure

      Certain damaging reactions that can lead to melanoma-causing mutations may take hours to evolve and mostly occur after you get out of the sun
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