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      February 1, 2007Health

      Graft and Host, Together Forever

      Thomas E. Starzl pioneered organ transplantation with antirejection drugs--an approach he hopes to end through a phenomenon called microchimerism
      February 1, 2008Health

      Your Cells Are My Cells

      Many, perhaps all, people harbor a small number of cells from genetically different individuals--from their mothers and, for women who have been pregnant, from their children. What in the world do these foreigners do in the body?...
      April 13, 2014Biology

      Guest post: I am my mother’s chimera

      This weeks post is a guest post from the wonderful E.E. Giorgi of Chimera blog I AM MY MOTHER'S CHIMERA. CHANCES ARE, SO ARE YOU For years now the concept of a "genetic chimera" has sparked the imagination of writers: the idea that an individual could harbor his/her own twin is creepy and intriguing at the [...]..
      July 1, 2007Evolution

      All in the Family

      Paternity shocker: marmoset twins pass on each other's genes
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