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      March 1, 2013Biology

      Scientists Decipher the Healing Powers of Placebos

      Scientists are dissecting the placebo effect in hopes of deploying its active ingredients as treatments
      October 1, 2001The Sciences

      All in the Mind

      Fact or Artifact? The Placebo Effect May Be A Little Of Both
      January 4, 2008Health

      Docs Make Fake Pills Real Meds

      A new study finds that a significant number of physicians will on occasion knowingly prescribe a placebo. Cynthia Graber reports.
      November 16, 2012Mind & Brain

      Placebos Work Better on Stoics

      Placebo painkillers do less for people who tend toward hostility and work best for the naturally resilient. Karen Hopkin reports
      December 23, 2010Health

      Placebos Work Even When You Know

      Patients told they were getting a placebo still reported improvements at a much higher rate than patients who were not treated. Karen Hopkin reports
      January 3, 2017Fitness

      Does Science Support Ayurveda?

      Ayurvedic medicine was practiced for thousands of years before anyone invented the placebo controlled experiment. How has this ancient system held up to modern scientific scrutiny?
      January 1, 1998Health

      The Placebo Effect

      Colds, asthma, high blood pressure and heart disease are among the many conditions that can respond to treatment with a placebo.
      August 27, 2013Health

      Different Placebos Can Have Different Effects

      In a study of patients asked to tolerate discomfort, different placebo treatments achieved different levels of relief, in keeping with individual expectations. Katherine Harmon reports
      January 22, 2014Mind & Brain

      Great Expectations Heighten Placebo Effect

      Migraine patients who were told they were getting a real drug did better than those who got the same treatment but who were told they were getting a placebo

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