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      Tomorrow's Medicine

      Read about advances in cybernetics, regenerative medicine, nanotechnology, genetically tailored treatments and more
      May 1, 2012Health

      South Korea Steps Up Stem-Cell Work

      Regenerative medicine gets a cash boost from the nation's health ministry, but stricter regulations are needed to ensure safety
      July 2, 2019Policy & Ethics

      A Bulwark against Trump's Stem Cell Ban

      California's Institute for Regenerative Medicine, a kind of mini-NIH, does crucial basic research without federal funding
      November 14, 2019Biology

      Stem Cells 2 Go

      Japan has turned regenerative medicine into a regulatory free-for-all. Patients across the world could pay the price
      April 8, 2014Health

      NIH Stem-Cell Program Closes

      The director of the agency's Center for Regenerative Medicine resigned on March 28 after just one clinical-trial award had been made
      December 1, 2010The Green-Grok

      Stem cells: The impatient advocate

      Bob Klein founded the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the biggest state-run research project in US history. What legacy will he leave behind?
      August 1, 2005The Sciences

      Test-Tube Teeth

      More complicated than they look, teeth are actually tiny organs.If tissue engineers can manufacture living replacement teeth, they would blaze a trail for engineering larger organs while leading dentistry into the age of regenerative medicine...
      June 4, 2013Health

      Scientists Chafe at Restrictions on New Stem Cell Lines

      The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine is rethinking its rules in the wake of a recent breakthrough involving the creation of stem cell lines from a cloned human embryo
      October 28, 2009

      Medicine looks ahead at TED MED

      “If you open your minds and let your imaginings run wild, you can see.” J. Craig Venter, the genomic scientist and founder of the J. Craig Venter Institute, was speaking yesterday about the potential for techniques involved in the field of synthetic life to improve medicine, but his words could have been applied to the all the talks during the opening session of TED MED (“TED” is for technology, entertainment, design)...
      April 1, 2013Health

      Doctors Repair Soldiers' Wounds with Biological Scaffolding Material

      Regrowing muscles, tendons and even organs may be possible using nature's own adhesive
      September 27, 2011

      Scientists Against Sample Abuse: The Time to Act is Now

      As the Head of Scientific Affairs for a young biotechnology company, I’m not the type to sign petitions or take up bleeding heart causes. But, that changed when I learned about the campaign: Scientists Against Sample Abuse.I trained as molecular geneticist and spent many years at the laboratory bench before moving into management, so I have witnessed firsthand the multiple forms of sample abuse that can occur...
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