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      January 17, 1914The Sciences

      Possible Economies in Shop Transportation

      Reducing Time Lost Between Machine Operations
      January 1, 1989The Sciences

      Time after Time

      Once more the black-hole time machine
      June 16, 2010

      Wednesday Afternoon Jams: The Sky Is Falling Edition

      Another awesome music video from OK Go. The song is called “End Love”. Their last video for “This Too Shall Pass” featured a Rube-Goldberg machine; this one messes with your time perception...
      September 1, 1966Tech

      Time-Sharing on Computers

      This technique, whereby a computer serves a large number of people at once, does more than save time and money. It sets up a dialogue between user and machine and allows communication among users...
      The Motor Vehicle, 1917

      American military motorcycle

      “in peace-time maneuvers.” European experience showed this machine would be “a prohibitive weight in actual service” and the rifle in a horseman’s scabbard is “impracticable and useless.”...
      May 1, 1953Tech

      A 100-Billion-Volt Accelerator

      A year ago subatomic particles were for the first time accelerated to energies of more than a billion electron volts. Now a much more powerful machine is in prospect
      February 1, 1971Tech

      The Fastest Computer

      ILLIAC IV is made up of 64 independent processing units that by operating simultaneously will be capable of solving complex problems in a fraction of the time needed by any other machine...
      Great Inventions from 1864 [Slide Show]

      Kitchen Help:

      “A family machine” from 1864. It is pedal-powered, but it “is designed to wash dishes, clean lamp-chimneys, and scour and sharpen knives, not at one and the same time, however, but by several operations.”..
      September 1, 1945Sustainability

      Cutting Oil Comes Back

      Plain Water, Water-and-Oil Mixtures, and Straight Oils All Have Helped to Speed Machining Processes and Make Them More Accurate. Every Time Tool Materials Changes Seemed to Point to the Possibility of Eliminating Cutting Oils from the Machine, It Was Found that Better Work Could be Accomplished by Keeping Them on the Job...
      Grad School for Gadgeteers: 10 Ways to Fuse Technology and Art


      Steven Litt made this mechanical drum machine and sequencer from repurposed doorbells, substituting more deeply percussive targets for chimes. The panel on the right controls the mechanical "drums" on the left, whose deep thuds are picked up by contact microphones...
      Aviation in 1913: Images from Scientific American's Archives [Slide Show]

      THE “SWALLOW”:

      Ignaz “Igo” Etrich of Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic) named this airplane the “Swallow” after the swift-flying bird. The airplane was considered a success at the time, even though in flight “the machine oscillates rather rapidly” (it must have been a very bumpy ride)...
      June 14, 2017Arts & Culture

      Tour Venice with a Virtual Time Machine

      A thousand years of Venetian records, maps and images could digitally reconstruct this city's deep history, giving researchers insight into urban life, from disease patterns to trade trends.  This video was reproduced with permission and was first published on June 14, 2017...
      Tour Venice with a Virtual Time Machine
      September 1, 2006Tech

      Thinking of Child's Play

      Brain-machine interface turns robots into gamers
      June 11, 1853Tech

      Printing Machines

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