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      December 1, 2008Mind & Brain

      Food Fix

      Overeating may be a self-medication attempt by dopamine-deprived brains
      January 1, 2016Behavior

      Understanding Addiction

      Drugs and other stimuli hijack dopamine signaling in the brain, causing changes that can lead to addiction
      October 19, 2007The Sciences

      Brain Chemical Makes Good Glue

      At the right pH, the hormone and neurotransmitter dopamine turns out to be a really good adhesive. Karen Hopkin reports.
      August 14, 2007The Sciences

      Fingering the Neural Perp in Parkinson's

      New study finds it's not just dopamine-producing cells, but likely ones that secrete norepinephrine, as well, that kick-start the movement disorder
      January 1, 2017Neuroscience

      Dopamine: The Currency of Desire

      Rethinking the “pleasure molecule” could help scientists better understand addiction, Parkinson’s disease and motivation 
      May 1, 2010Health

      Is Estrogen the New Ritalin?

      The sex hormone boosts thinking in some women, impairs it in others
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