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      October 22, 2012Mind

      Sleeping Beauty: magic or hypocretin?

      Picture this: the prince has won his way past the dragon, past the huge walls of briars. He paces slowly through the sleeping castle, toward the tower where the princess lies, in a deep, deep sleep...
      August 14, 2007

      Fingering the Neural Perp in Parkinson's

      New study finds it's not just dopamine-producing cells, but likely ones that secrete norepinephrine, as well, that kick-start the movement disorder
      October 31, 2013Mind

      Spooky music is spookier with your eyes closed

      It’s Halloween. You’re listening to some creepy, scary music. Maybe it sounds like something like this* – SCARY! You are lying still, attending to the emotional qualities of the music...
      January 1, 2004

      Sussing Out Stress

      Chronic stress makes people sick. But how? And how might we prevent those ill effects?
      January 1, 1998

      Don't Stress

      It is now known to cause developmental problems, weight gain and neurodegeneration
      November 1, 1978Mind

      The Reward System of the Brain

      Two decades ago it was discovered that the brain has "pleasure centers." These centers are now seen as belonging to a system of pathways that appear to play a role in learning and memory...
      November 1, 2016Mental Health

      Female Stress—a Faster, Stronger Response

      The male and female responses to stress are biologically different. What does that mean for treating PTSD, depression and other disorders? 
      August 1, 1977

      Second Messengers in the Brain

      Nerve cells communicate by secreting neurotransmitters. These chemical messages are translated by "second messengers" within the cell into transient and longer-lasting physiological actions...
      February 1, 1967

      The States of Sleep

      Light and deep sleep differ physiologically, deep sleep having much in common with being awake. Studies with cats now suggest that the two states of sleep are induced by different biochemical secretions...
      October 1, 1985The Sciences

      The Molecular Basis of Communication between Cells

      Chemical messengers mediate long-range hormonal communication and short-range communication between nerve cells. The two systems differ in directness, but some messenger molecules are common to both...
      January 1, 2004Mind

      The Quest to Find Consciousness

      By studying the brain's physical processes, scientists are seeking clues about how the subjective inner life of the mind arises
      June 1, 1998

      The Neurobiology of Depression

      The search for biological underpinnings of depression is intensifying. Emerging findings promise to yield better therapies for a disorder that too often proves fatal
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