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      August 14, 2007The Sciences

      Fingering the Neural Perp in Parkinson's

      New study finds it's not just dopamine-producing cells, but likely ones that secrete norepinephrine, as well, that kick-start the movement disorder
      September 1, 2013Mind & Brain

      Life Span of a Popular Antidepressant

      Decades of research and billions of dollars go into developing and marketing drugs. Here's the life span of a typical brain drug—Cymbalta, a popular antidepressant
      January 15, 2009Health

      FDA okays new drug to treat fibromyalgia

      The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new med to treat fibromyalgia, a mysterious disease characterized by chronic widespread pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances and depression...
      November 1, 2009

      Related Disorders

      Insomnia and depression may arise from common genes
      July 2, 2012Mind & Brain

      Stress and Depression and Neuritin?

      When I saw all the headlines going around focused on this paper, I KNEW I had to check it out. Heck, sometimes Twitter is faster than my Pubmed alerts!
      December 22, 2011Mind & Brain

      Cricket Fight Club: Winning Increases Aggression

      It's better than an ant farm. It's more exciting than a flea circus. Welcome to Cricket Fight Club. The first rule of Cricket Fight Club is: you do not talk about Cricket Fight Club.
      December 1, 2013Health

      When Harmless Bacteria Go Bad

      What makes a normally harmless microbe turn deadly?
      October 22, 2012Mind & Brain

      Sleeping Beauty: magic or hypocretin?

      Picture this: the prince has won his way past the dragon, past the huge walls of briars. He paces slowly through the sleeping castle, toward the tower where the princess lies, in a deep, deep sleep...
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