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The Molecular Basis of Communication between Cells

Chemical messengers mediate long-range hormonal communication and short-range communication between nerve cells. The two systems differ in directness, but some messenger molecules are common to both

October 1, 1985 — Solomon H. Snyder

Life Span of a Popular Antidepressant

Decades of research and billions of dollars go into developing and marketing drugs. Here's the life span of a typical brain drug—Cymbalta, a popular antidepressant

September 1, 2013 — Sarah Amandolare

Related Disorders

Insomnia and depression may arise from common genes

November 1, 2009 — Monica Heger

The Neurobiology of Depression

The search for biological underpinnings of depression is intensifying. Emerging findings promise to yield better therapies for a disorder that too often proves fatal

June 1, 1998 — Charles B. Nemeroff

The Chemical Differentiation of Nerve Cells

The development of the intricate network of nerve cells that makes up the nervous system requires each cell to "choose" a transmitter substance appropriate to its specific connections with other cells

July 1, 1978 — David D. Potter, Edwin J. Furshpan and Paul H. Patterson

The Reward System of the Brain

Two decades ago it was discovered that the brain has "pleasure centers." These centers are now seen as belonging to a system of pathways that appear to play a role in learning and memory

November 1, 1978 — Aryeh Routtenberg

The Chemistry of the Brain

Signals are sent from one neuron to another by diverse chemical transmitters. These chemical systems, overlaid on the neuronal circuits of the brain, add another dimension to brain function

September 1, 1979 — Leslie L. Iversen

Stressed Out

Learned helplessness in rats sheds light on human depression

November 1, 1987 — E.C.

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