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      March 1, 1998The Sciences

      In Brief, March 1998

      January 22, 2001Mind

      Exploring the Musical Brain

      Music may be even more ancient than the human race, over which it holds tremendous sway. Scientists are beginning to find out why
      April 1, 1972Mind

      Language and the Brain

      Aphasias are speech disorders caused by brain damage. The relations between these disorders and specific kinds of brain damage suggest a model of how the language areas of the human brain are organized...
      September 1, 1979Mind

      Specializations of the Human Brain

      Certain higher faculties, such as language, depend on specialized regions in the human brain. On a larger scale the two cerebral hemispheres are specialized for different kinds of mental activity...
      December 1, 1997Mind

      Williams Syndrome and the Brain

      To gain fresh insights into how the brain is organized, investigators are turning to a little known disorder
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