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Should You Be Going Barefoot More Often?

Get-Fit Guy spent some time chatting with Vivobarefoot CEO Galahad Clark about the importance of going barefoot and the health science presented the new documentary Shoespiracy

November 9, 2019 — Get-Fit Guy Brock Armstrong

Can Love Actually Last?

Dr. Ellen Hendriksen looks at the many permutations of love, including everlasting love, which, it turns out, doesn’t just happen in fairytales

October 18, 2019 — Savvy Psychologist Ellen Hendriksen

How Did Water Get on Earth?

About 70 percent of our planet’s surface is covered with water, and it plays an important role in our daily lives. But how did water get on Earth in the first place?

October 6, 2019 — Everyday Einstein Sabrina Stierwalt

Is It Possible to Get Fit Fast?

Everybody wants to get that beach body right now or to run that 10k next month, but can you really get fit fast?

October 5, 2019 — Get-Fit Guy Brock Armstrong

Does Eating Too Much Fiber Cause Mineral Deficiencies?

The Institute of Medicine hasn’t set an upper limit on fiber, meaning that there’s no amount at which it’s considered toxic. That doesn’t mean that an excess of fiber couldn’t make you uncomfortable...

October 4, 2019 — Nutrition Diva Monica Reinagel
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