7 Gadgets to Watch for in 2014 [Slide Show]

SA examines emerging technologies that are almost here: Turn an ordinary table into a touch screen, monitor your kids’ whereabouts and place the power of 3-D printing in the palm of your hand—and there’s more. Read on
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Sunlight Exposure Sensor:

Spending significant time outdoors poses a dilemma: How can a person maximize their production of vitamin D yet avoid harmful exposure to ultraviolet rays that can lead to skin cancer? SunFriend tries to address this quandary with its UVA+B wristband, designed to monitor exposure to harmful UV light and alert you when it’s time to head indoors or apply heavier sunscreen.....[ More ]

GPS Jacket:

Why take your eyes off the road to look at your GPS device when your clothing can guide you to your destination? That’s the question posed, and possibly answered, by Wearable Experiments with their Navigate jacket , which has an embedded GPS and uses LED guide lights and haptic feedback to convey directions to its wearer.....[ More ]

3-D Printing Pens:

In the past year desktop 3-D printers have become readily available and relatively affordable for basic product prototyping and hobbyists. But why set up a boxy MakerBot when you can create models and illustrate ideas literally from the palm of your hand?....[ More ]

Penlike Computer Mouse:

For the past couple of decades the mouse has been an essential tool for bringing to life the graphical user interfaces that helped turn computers from office and data center workhorses into common household appliances.....[ More ]

Smartwatch Locator for Children:

It’s probably not practical to entrust small children with a smartphone that can easily be lost or broken. That’s why FilLIP Technologies, Inc., has created a colorful wrist-worn device that can be used to call, text or locate children.....[ More ]

Cardiac Rhythm–Based Computer Security:

Despite the introduction of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in Apple’s latest iPhone, biometric security technologies have danced around the fringe of consumer gadgets for years. Passwords still predominate.....[ More ]

3-D Multitouch Surface Anywhere:

Fast, easy-to-use touch screens have played a crucial role in the surging popularity of smartphones and tablets. Ractiv, Inc., is looking to bring that kind of user interface to any computer via its Haptix image sensor .....[ More ]

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