The Olympus BioScapes International Imaging Competition provides a selection of photographs that flame off our pages each December in riotous color. A good portion of the magazine would have to be given over to the contest to give every photo its due. We’re bringing you an additional selection here of worthy stills and videos that we’re sure will fascinate and amaze.

Scroll down to watch a movie of a root growing or look at a photo of bugs eating bugs

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Real-Time Root Growth:
Arabidopsis thaliana, a small flowering plant that is often used by biologists for plant research, is the star of this video by Daniel von Wangenheim, which shows a new root growing laterally off a primary root.

Sperm Blush Red:
Sperm from the insect Nephrotoma suturalis, a crane fly, goes from one stage of cell division to another in this movie by James LaFountain and Rudolf Oldenbourg.