How to Save Sharks off Cuba’s Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico [Slide Show]

Is it possible to create a sustainable fishery for sharks before the ocean's top predators are gone?
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Cuban biologists examine drying shark fins caught in the Cuban shark fishery off the island's northwestern coast.....[ More ]


A spotted eagle ray caught by Cuban fishermen who target this species during certain times of the year. Researchers hope to determine exactly when eagle rays are targeted and how many are typically caught.....[ More ]


University of Havana biologist Eloisa Rojas examines the results of a plankton tow taken during the shark research expedition around Isla de la Juventud.....[ More ]


University of Havana researchers interview fishermen on their return to port to gather catch data.....[ More ]


A Cuban fishing vessel returning to Cojimar port.....[ More ]


A typical Cuban fishing boat that targets sharks in the country's coastal waters.....[ More ]


University of Havana biologist Eloisa Rojas takes samples from two juvenile oceanic whitetip sharks at the fishing port of Cojimar, east of Havana.....[ More ]


A Cuban shark fisherman preparing a great hammerhead shark for market.....[ More ]


Setting a "drum line" off the Felipe Poey to catch sharks for tagging near Isla de la Juventud.....[ More ]


Scientific and deck crews of the Felipe Poey for the expedition to the southwestern coast of Isla de la Juventud.....[ More ]


For its research cruises, the Trinational Research Initiative has used the RV Felipe Poey of the University of Havana's Center for Marine Studies. The boat is named after the 19th-century Cuban zoologist Felipe Poey y Aloy, who described many fish species in Cuba, including the lemon shark.....[ More ]

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