Reel Life: The Day the Earth Stood Still

The remake of this 1951 sci-fi classic delivers a modern warning wrapped in an ancient myth
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A group of Caltech coeds hoist a sign for Reeves.....[ More ]


Director Scott Derrickson was joined at a Caltech screening of the film by Keanu Reeves, Caltech cosmologist Sean Carroll, and JPL roboticist Joel Burdick--Shostak. The Caltech students delighted in firing both technical and nerdy questions at the panel.....[ More ]


Keanu Reeves and director Scott Derrickson review a scene on the set of The Day the Earth Stood Still....[ More ]


A massive and seemingly unstoppable alien force destroys a stadium in seconds....[ More ]


In The Day the Earth Stood Still Klaatu's (Keanu Reeves) arrival on Earth via a giant sphere, triggers a global upheaval.....[ More ]

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