Russia and Canada Heat Up Faster Than the Arctic [Slide Show]

New maps show that temperatures are rising quickest across Earth’s northern midlatitudes

By Mark Fischetti

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Sporadic in 1950:

Warming around Earth (orange and red) has picked up in many spots compared with 1901 but is unevenly distributed, with some areas cooling (blue). (Temperature units are in kelvins.)....[ More ]

Semiarid Focus in 1960:

As in 1950, warming still seems to concentrate in semiarid regions of the world.....[ More ]

North More Than South in 1970:

By now, it becomes clear that warming is predominately in the Northern Hemisphere.....[ More ]

Cooling Disappears in 1980:

The blue regions, which show cooling, are waning.....[ More ]

Rise Quickens in 1990:

Hotter regions (orange and red) blanket most of the Northern Hemisphere.....[ More ]

Red Hot in 2000:

Large temperature increases bubble up across the Northern Hemisphere, and grow more intense in the Southern Hemisphere as well, although less widespread.....[ More ]

Upper Latitudes Outrun the Arctic in 2009:

Although the Arctic is certainly warming significantly in 2009, the most recent year of data, northern midlatitudes—central Canada, northern Europe and southern Russia—heat up even faster.....[ More ]

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