In 2015 Apple invaded the smartwatch market, Google dramatically changed its plans for Glass and Samsung heralded the return of consumer virtual reality, courtesy of the smartphone. Consumer tech companies invested heavily in AI, although it’s debatable just how much more intelligent this made their products. Meanwhile hobbyist drones hovered onto the radar—or, some might say, into the crosshairs—of several government agencies, leading to tighter restrictions.

In all, this year’s crop of high-tech consumer toys followed last year’s trend of integrating more closely with the smartphones that many people have within reach at all times. As a result most of the gadgets on Scientific American’s list this year are app-enabled, whether they connect into the smart-home (to provide keyless home entry or monitor indoor air quality), allow you to keep tabs on your health or make music. There were also app-enabled droids—in honor of the new Star Wars film—and even sensor-packed armbands that promise Jedi-like abilities.

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