The World's Smallest Radio

A single carbon nanotube can function as a radio that detects and plays songs
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Search and Rescue

Insect-size robots equipped with nano gas sensors and miniaturized cameras alert rescuers by a nanoradio signal about the presence of toxic carbon monoxide and the location of survivors in a collapsed mine.....[ More ]

Drug Delivery

Drug-containing capsules equipped with nanoradios home to cancer cells and release their payloads on receipt of a signal from outside the patient’s body.....[ More ]


The vibrating nanotube alters the current in a way that retains just the audio frequencies of the radio wave.....[ More ]


A large flow of electrons from the nanotube tip amplifies the signal in the presence of a small voltage from a battery.....[ More ]


Strength of an electric field can be adjusted to let the nanotube be tensioned like a guitar string so that it vibrates only at the proper frequency.....[ More ]


Antenna of nanodimensions detects a radio wave by vibrating at the same frequency as the rapidly oscillating signal.....[ More ]

Nanotube Radio

....[ More ]

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