Tuberculosis conspires with HIV to make the disease worse

In Africa, patients and doctors battle the double whammy of AIDS and TB
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Nomphilo Mazuza battled multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB) and AIDS, but antiretroviral treatment from the Siyaphila La (We are Living Here) HIV treatment project in South Africa gave her back her health.....[ More ]


Matiesetso Pahlabaki and her husband Mothakhi, who is severely ill with TB, live in the remote village of Masaleng, Lesotho. Matiesetso found out that she was HIV-positive when she was pregnant. Her baby, Retsepile, had not been tested for HIV but was very sick and malnourished.....[ More ]


Dr. Johnson Mahlangu, head of the TB focal point at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg, demonstrates how a sputum sample is taken.....[ More ]


Dr. Johnson Mahlangu heads the TB focal point at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg. Most patients are treated by nurses, but doctors see special cases as well as those patients who have tested negative for TB but nonetheless are suspected of infection.....[ More ]


This mechanism traps the sputum for testing.....[ More ]


At Helen Joseph Hospital, doctors have helped improve the accuracy of TB sputum tests by using a hypertonic saline solution. When inhaled, it irritates the lungs and causes patients to produce more phlegm.....[ More ]


A nurse at Helen Joseph Hospital's year-old TB focal point clinic describes how to produce a sputum (phlegm) sample for testing.....[ More ]


The special sputum induction room at Helen Joseph Hospital has a ventilation system that sucks air out of the space and ultraviolet lights that help kill tuberculosis bacteria. South Africa is working to install the UV lights in antiretroviral treatment clinics across the country to help prevent the spread of TB among vulnerable HIV-positive patients.....[ More ]


At Helen Joseph Hospital, a special room was built in the TB focal point clinic to take sputum (phlegm) samples, which can be tested for the bacterium that causes tuberculosis. The room has special ventilation and lighting to help prevent TB from spreading between patients.....[ More ]


At Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg, all suspected TB patients are seen in this special clinic where medical professionals have expertise in treating TB. The clinic sees more than 300 patients a week and lines are often long.....[ More ]


Public health authorities are increasingly worried about the rising number of deaths from tuberculosis, especially among people who are HIV-positive. But services for the two diseases have generally been segregated.....[ More ]


Violet Mwinuka, a volunteer with the Endola Catholic Diocese homecare project, cares for a patient with TB and AIDS in Ndola, Zambia.....[ More ]

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