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Hazy Skies Cool Down Pluto

Complex chemistry in the dwarf planet’s upper atmosphere may explain one of its biggest mysteries

November 16, 2017 — Alexandra Witze and Nature magazine

Put Space Cat on a Pedestal

A campaign calls for the creation of a statue to recognize Félicette, the first cat to be sent into space. 

November 15, 2017 — Yasemin Saplakoglu

Come On and Zoom (through the Universe)

Caleb Scharf, director of Columbia University’s Astrobiology Center talks about his latest book, The Zoomable Universe: An Epic Tour through Cosmic Scale, from Almost Everything to Almost Nothing, and the OSIRIS-REx space mission. 

November 11, 2017 — Caleb A. Scharf and Steve Mirsky

Nearby Exoplanets Invigorate the Search for E.T.

SETI pioneer Jill Tarter and Berkeley researcher Dan Werthimer talk about how the discovery of nearby exoplanets is inspiring new efforts to gain info about these galactic neighbors.   

November 7, 2017 — Steve Mirsky
A Fantastic Journey through Cosmic Scales

A Fantastic Journey through Cosmic Scales

A new, epic voyage through all known scales of reality charts the outer limits of existence, from the edge of the observable universe to the subatomic realm

November 1, 2017 — Caleb Scharf and Ron Miller

Think Outside the Gift Box