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The Monsters We Adore
by Dawn Stover


Section 1: Prehistoric Giants

1.1   How Dinosaurs Grew So Large and So Small
        by John R. Horner, Kevin Padian and Armand de Ricqlès

1.2   Triumph of the Titans
        by Kristina A. Curry Rogers and Michael D. D’Emic


Section 2: Coexistence

2.1   Dinosaurs of the Lost Continent
        by Scott D. Sampson

2.2   Madagascar’s Mesozoic Secrets
        by John J. Flynn and André R. Wyss

2.3   Breathing Life into T. Rex
        Gregory M. Erickson


Section 3: Adaptation

3.1   Dinosaurs of Polar Australia
        by Patricia Vickers-Rich and Thomas Hewitt Rich

3.2   Dinosaurs of Arctic Alaska
        by Anthony R. Fiorillo

3.3   A 70-Million-Year-Old Murder Mystery
        by Raymond R. Rogers and David W. Krause


Section 4: Evolution

4.1   Winged Victory
        by Gareth Dyke

4.2   Which Came First, the Feather or the Bird?
        by Richard O. Prum and Alan H. Brush

4.3   The Dinosaur Baron of Transylvania
        by Gareth Dyke


Section 5: Treasure Troves

5.1   Dinosaur Death Trap
        by Paul C. Sereno

5.2   Blood from Stone
        by Mary H. Schweitzer

5.3   Why Dinosaurs Are Important
        by Mary H. Schweitzer

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