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by Karin Tucker


Section 1: At Issue: Evolution & Darwinism

1.1   Darwin’s Living Legacy
        by Gary Stix

1.2   The Origin of Darwinism
        by C.D. Darlington

1.3   Natural Selection and Darwin’s Finches
        by Peter R. Grant


Section 2: The Controversy

2.1   A Witness at the Scopes Trial
        by Fay-Cooper Cole

2.2   15 Answers to Creationists Nonsense
        by John Rennie

2.3   A Visit to the Creation Museum
        by Steve Mirsky

2.4   The Latest Face of Creationism
        by Glenn Branch

2.5   Evolution Still on Trial 10 Years after Dover
        by Steve Mirsky


Section 3: Creationism in Today’s Classrooms

3.1   Creationism Evolves in Science Classrooms around the Globe
        by Katherine Harmon

3.2   An Update from the Frontline in the Fight against the Anti-Evolution Agenda
        by Nina Bai

3.3   Adventures in Creationist Earth Science Education
        by Dana Hunter


Section 4: Faith & Science


4.1   Should Science Speak to Faith?
        by Lawrence M. Krauss and Richard Dawkins

4.2   How Darwinism and Faith Can Coexist
        by Sally Lehrman

4.3   Why People Believe What They Do
        by Steve Mirsky


Section 5: The Future (Anti-Science?)


5.1       Postdiluvian Science (from “Science vs. Anti-science”)
        by Gary Stix

5.2   America’s Science Problem
        by Shawn Lawrence Otto

Evolution vs. Creationism

While writing his landmark book on the theory of biological evolution, On the Origin of Species, Charles Robert Darwin knew he would face religious opposition to a theory of creation that differed from the story in Genesis, but he probably didn’t imagine that the opposition would last more than 150 years after its publication. Creationists, or those who hold the belief that the universe and all life was made by divine creator, have tried to use a myriad of tactics either to ban the teaching of evolution entirely or to have creationism and/or intelligent design taught alongside it in public schools. In this eBook, Evolution vs. Creationism, we take a close look at the rise of Darwinism, the arguments and opposition by the creationist movement, whether faith and science can coexist and what could happen if the U.S. continues on an anti-science trajectory.

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