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Exploring Degenerative Brain Disease
by Karin Tucker

Section 1: Dementia

1.1   Seeds of Dementia
        by Lary C. Walker & Mathias Jucker

1.2   When Character Crumbles
        by Ingfei Chen

1.3   The Other Dementia
        by Katie Free

1.4   Can General Anesthesia Trigger Dementia?
        by Roni Jacobson

1.5   Why Sleep Disorders May Precede Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
        by Simon Makin

Section 2: Alzheimer’s Disease

2.1   Piecing Together Alzheimer’s
        by Peter H. St. George-Hyslop

2.2   Decoding Dementia
        by Joel N. Shurkin

2.3   Preventing Alzheimer's Part 1: The Columbian Cluster
        by Gary Stix

2.4   Preventing Alzheimer's Part 2: The Trial
        by Gary Stix

Section 3: Parkinson’s Disease

3.1   New Movement in Parkinson’s
        by Andres M. Lozano & Suneil K. Kalia

3.2   Fingering the Perp in Parkinson’s
        by Nikhil Swaminathan

3.3   “Knockout” Head Injuries Linked to Parkinson’s, but Not Alzheimer’s     
        by Sara Chodosh

Section 4: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

4.1   Playing Defense against Lou Gehrig’s Disease
        by Patrick Aebischer & Ann C. Kato

4.2   Why Do Eye Muscles Function in ALS as Other Muscles Waste away?
        by Sophie Yee

SECTION 5: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

5.1   Fatal Strikes
        by Jacqueline C. Tanaka & Gregg B. Wells

5.2   Self-Worth Shattering: A Single Bomb Blast Can Saddle Soldiers with Debilitating Brain Trauma
        by Larry Greenmeier

SECTION 6: Multiple Sclerosis

6.1   Solving the Mystery of MS
        by James D. Bowen

6.2   Focus Shifts to Gray Matter in Search for the Cause of Multiple Sclerosis
        by Julianne Chiaet

6.3   Could Multiple Sclerosis Begin in the Gut?
        by Bret Stetka

6.4   Could a Non-Prescription Antifungal Become a Major Advance for Multiple Sclerosis?
        by Gary Stix

SECTION 7: Huntington’s Disease

7.1   The Enigma of Huntington’s Disease
        by Elena Catteaneo, Dorotea Rigamonti & Chiara Zuccato

7.2   The Huntington’s Paradox
        by Chiara Zuccato & Elena Catteaneo

SECTION 8: The Future: Prevention & Treatment

8.1   Rare Success Against Alzheimer’s
        by Miia Kivipelto & Krister Håkansson

8.2   Banking Against Alzheimer’s
        by David A. Bennett

8.3   Could Trashing Junk Proteins Quash Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS and Huntington’s?
        by Esther Landhuis

8.4   The Regenerating Brain
        by Lydia Denworth

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