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Martin Gardner on Numbers
by Kristin Ozelli


Section 1: Numbers Real, Imaginary and In-between

1.1       Seeing the Integers through the Trees
1.2       Negative Numbers and Peg Boards
1.3       The Imaginableness of Imaginary Numbers
1.4       The Remarkable Lore of Prime Numbers
1.5       A Surplus of Surreal Number Games

Section 2: Number Sequences, Series and Patterns

2.1       Playing Chess with Catalan Numbers
2.2       Rhyming and Chiming with Bell Numbers
2.3       The Strong Law of Small Numbers
2.4       Figurate Numbers for a Chinese Checker Board

Section 3: Special Constants: Have your Pi and E It too

3.1       Slices of Pi
3.2       Phi, Fibonacci and Mollusks
3.3       Abracadabric "e"
3.4       Omega, the Ultimate Random Number

Section 4: Number Systems: Beyond "The Tyranny of 10"

4.1       Tricks with Ternary Numbers
4.2       The Gray Code Beats Chinese Rings
4.3       Binary Numbers and Mind Reading Cards
4.4       Negabinary Numbers Power a Chessboard Computer
4.5       Binary Numbers and the I Ching

Martin Gardner: The Magic and Mystery of Numbers

Known as “the best friend mathematics ever had,” Martin Gardner introduced many readers to real mathematics, making the subject accessible and fun for more than 25 years through his Mathematical Games column. In this eBook collection, Martin Gardner: The Magic and Mystery of Numbers, we strove to create a new “slice” through his wealth of material. We focus on all flavors of number, from common integers and negative numbers to figurate numbers and the exotic random number, Omega, which can be described but not computed.

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