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To Life! Here, There, Everywhere
by Ricki Rusting

Section 1: Origin of Life on Earth

1.1   In the Beginning…
        by John Horgan

1.2   Life’s Rocky Start
        by Robert M. Hazen

1.3   Origin of Life on Earth
        by Alonso Ricardo and Jack W. Szostak

1.4   Expanding the Limits of Life
        by Alexander S. Bradley

1.5   Life Springs
        by Martin J. Van Kranendonk, David W. Deamer and Tara Djokic

1.6   Did Life Come from Another World?
        by David Warmflash and Benjamin Weiss

1.7   Are Aliens among Us?
        by Paul Davies

Section 2: Where Life Lurks

2.1   How to Search for Life on Mars
        by Christopher P. McKay and Victor Parro García

2.2   Time to Go to Europa
        by Van R. Kane

2.3   Under the Sea of Enceladus
        by Frank Postberg, Gabriel Tobie and Thorsten Dambeck

2.4   The Mystery of Methane on Mars & Titan
        by Sushil K. Atreya

2.5   The Dawn of Distant Skies
        by Michael D. Lemonick

2.6   Better Than Earth
        by René Heller

2.7   The Search of Life on Faraway Moons
        by Lee Billings

2.8   The Color of Plants on Other Worlds
        by Nancy Y. Kiang

2.9   Looking for Life in the Multiverse
        by Alejandro Jenkins and Gilad Perez

Section 3: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

3.1   Is There Life Elsewhere in the Universe?
        by Jill Tarter and Christopher F. Chyba

3.2   Contact: The Day After
        by Tim Folger

3.3   Where Are They?
        by Ian Crawford

3.4   Circle of Life
        by Ken Croswell

3.5   Strange News from Another Star
        by Kimberly Cartier and Jason T. Wright

Section 4: Life’s Future

4.1   Lonely but Never Alone
        by Anna von Hopffgarten

4.2   Starship Humanity
        by Cameron M. Smith

4.3   The Fate of Life in the Universe
        by Lawrence M. Krauss and Glenn D. Starkman

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