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Better Than Sci-Fi
by W. Wayt Gibbs


Section 1: Amazing Astrophysics

1.1   The Black Hole at the Beginning of Time
        by Niayesh Afshordi, Robert B. Mann, and Razieh Pourhasan

1.2   The First Starlight
        by Michael D. Lemonick

1.3   Burning Rings of Fire
        by Joseph Polchinski

1.4   A Brief History of Time Travel
        by Tim Folger

1.5   Giant Bubbles­­ of the Milky Way
        by Douglas Finkbeiner, Meng Su and Dmitry Malyshew


Section 2: Extreme Machines

2.1   Neutrinos at the Ends of the Earth
        by Francis Halzen

2.2   Seeing in the Dark
        by Joshua Frieman

2.3   The Ultimate X-Ray Machine
        by Nora Berrah and Philip H. Bucksbaum


Section 3: Hidden Worlds

3.1   Mystery of the Hidden Cosmos
        by Bogdan A. Dobrescu and Don Lincoln

3.2   Does the Multiverse Really Exist?
        by George F. R. Ellis

3.3   Quantum Gravity in Flatland
        by Steven Carlip

3.4   What Is Real?
        by Meinard Kuhlman

3.5   Quantum Weirdness? It’s All in Your Mind
        by Hans Christian von Baeyer


Section 4: Life at the Limits

4.1   Living in a Quantum World
        by Vlatko Vedral

4.2   Limits of Intelligence
        by Douglas Fox

Physics: New Frontiers

Science fiction has imagined some pretty wild ideas about how the universe could work – from hidden extra dimensions in Interstellar to life as a mental projection in The Matrix. But these imaginings seem downright tame compared with the mind-bending science now coming out of physics and astronomy, and in this eBook, Physics: New Frontiers*, we look at the strange and fascinating discoveries shaping (and reshaping) the field today.

*Editor's Note: Special Edition was published as Physics at the Limits. The eBook adaptation contains all of the articles, but some of the artwork has been removed to optimize viewing on tablet devices. 

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