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Science and Champions
by Mark Fischetti

Section 1: The Psychology of Winning

1.1   Elite Athletes Achieve Faster, More Focused Minds
        by Michelle Voss

1.2   Mental Workouts and the Will to Win
        by Steve Ayan

1.3   Sports Psychologists Extend Counseling to Athletes' Coaches and Families
        by Katherine Harmon

1.4   Facing a Rival Can Motivate or Corrupt
        by Ferris Jabr

1.5   Why We Love Sports: Success of the Fittest
        by Jesse Bering

1.6   Irrational Moments: Coaches, Commentators and Fans
        by Samuel McNerney

Section 2: Pushing Human Limits

2.1   A Single Brain Structure May Give Winners that Extra Physical Edge
        by Sandra Upson

2.2   Genes Can Predict Future Champions. Or Not
        by Jordan Lite

2.3   How Low Can an Athlete’s Body Fat Go?
        by Katie Moisse

2.4   The Cyclist Diet: A Mountain of Calories a Day
        by Mark Fischetti

2.5   Who Wins the 40-Yard Dash: Squirrel, Elephant, Pig, Human?
        by The Editors

Section 3: Drugs and Doping

3.1   The Doping Dilemma
        by Michael Shermer

3.2   Unnatural Selection: Muscles, Genes and Genetic Cheats
        by Larry Greenmeier

3.3   Drug Testing in Sports Enters a More Aggressive Era
        by John Matson

3.4   Do Steroids Make You a Better Athlete?
        by Adam Hadhazy

Section 4: Concussions

4.1   The Collision Syndrome
        by Jeffrey Bartholet

4.2   Concussions in Children Deserve More Attention
        by the Editors

4.3   Teen Brains Take the Biggest Sports Hits
        by Katherine Harmon

Section 5: Comeback from Injury

5.1   The Most Common Olympic Injuries May Surprise You
        by Mark Fischetti

5.2   Knee Replacements on Shaky Scientific Ground
        by Katherine Harmon

5.3   Saving the Notorious ACL
        by Karen Hopkin

5.4   Did Hypothermia Therapy Allow Kevin Everett to Walk Again?
        by Victoria Stern

Section 6: Gear that Gives an Edge

6.1   Debate: Should Oscar Pistorius’s Prosthetic Legs Disqualify Him from the Olympics?
        by Rose Eveleth

6.2   Swimsuit Controversy...Again!
        by Rose Eveleth

6.3   Gooooal! Two Technologies Compete to Replace Soccer Referees
        by Rose Eveleth

Section 7: Fitness: Expert Advice for You

7.1   Does Exercise Really Make You Healthier?
        by Coco Ballantyne

7.2   Playing Sports Boosts Kids’ Brainpower
        by Steve Ayan

7.3   Workouts that Help Your DNA
        by Katherine Harmon

7.4   Exercise and Dementia: No Clear Connection
        by Christine Gorman

7.5   How to Avoid Shin Splints
        by Claude Moorman

7.6   How to Avoid Heatstroke
        by Caitlyn Zimmerman

Section 8: Closing Ceremonies

8.1   Please Stop Doing “The Wave”
        by Steve Mirsky

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