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Mysterious Universe
by Andrea Gawrylewski

Section 1: How Did the Universe Begin?

1.1   The Black Hole at the Beginning of Time
        by Niayesh Afshordi, Robert B. Mann & Razieh Pourhasan

1.2  The First Starlight
       by Michael D. Lemonick

1.3  The Puzzle of Dark Energy
       by Adam G. Riess & Mario Livio

1.4  Ripples in Spacetime
       by Clara Moskowitz

Section 2: Cosmic Cartography

2.1  The Quantum Multiverse
       by Yasunori Nomura

2.2  Our Place in the Cosmos
       by Noam I. Libeskind & R. Brent Tully

2.3  Black Holes, Wormholes and the Secrets of Quantum Spacetime
       by Juan Maldacena

Section 3: Wild Phenomena

3.1  Stellar Fireworks
       by Daniel Kasen

3.2  Extreme Molecules in Space
       by Clara Moskowitz

3.3  How to Swallow a Sun
       by S. Bradley Cenko & Neil Gehrels

Section 4: Life off of Earth

4.1  Cosmic (In)significance
       by Caleb Scharf

4.2  The Search for Life on Faraway Moons
       by Lee Billings

4.3  Strange News from Another Star
       by Kimberly Cartier & Jason T. Wright

4.4  Under the Sea of Enceladus
       by Frank Postberg, Gabriel Tobie & Thorsten Dambeck

4.5  How to Search for Life on Mars
       by Christopher P. McKay & Victor Parro García

4.6  Better Than Earth
       by René Heller

4.7  Long Live Hubble
       by Katie Peek

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